Proline Custom Clothing Inc. is a family-owned Canadian business specializing in corporate apparel and other promotional items.

Bags & Backpacks&

Unique Gifts &Branding& for your customers or for your staff!

Proline Promotions offers a wide assortment of bags and backpacks. No matter what kind or size of bag or backpack you are looking for, we carry high quality solutions for you. We deal with several manufacturers directly - you can visit our Kelowna showroom or call us for more details. We also offer an amazing number of sizes and styles of bags and backpacks through our Online Catalogue.

Bags - Available in Showroom or Online

We have a superb display of bags in our showroom in Kelowna, or available through our online shop.

We also deal with several manufacturers not represented in our online catalogue. Talk to us about our wide choice of great brands!

Once you have chosen the types of bags you want, send us your artwork or have us design a logo for you, and we will apply the logo to your order of bags. We will contact you to discuss placement and cost of company branding.


We have a large number of backpacks in our showroom in Kelowna, or available through our online shop.

After you have ordered the style, size and quantity you want to purchase, we will contact you to discuss how you want your artwork displayed. These backpacks can either make great gifts for your customers, or be a way for your staff to proudly display their affiliation with your company.

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